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Relocation and Travelling Guide

Discover this enchanting land of diverse wildlife, captivating landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re an expatriate embarking on a new life, a student seeking educational enrichment, a business traveller pursuing opportunities, or a tourist eager to explore, our guide equips you with invaluable insights tailored for your Kenyan adventure. Let’s start this exciting journey together, ensuring your Kenyan experience is as smooth, enlightening, and memorable as possible.

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Contents of the guide

Who is this guide for?


For those planning to relocate to Kenya, our guide is a valuable resource, offering key information about the country’s customs regulations, especially concerning personal belongings. It simplifies your move by providing essential details on the visa process, housing, and integrating into Kenya’s rich cultural landscape. Relocating to Kenya? Contact us for a worry-free baggage transition!


Kenya’s diverse ecosystems and burgeoning academic institutions make it an appealing study destination. Our guide helps students navigate their educational journey in Kenya, offering advice on everything from obtaining a student visa, to finding accommodation, to understanding local customs and norms. Beginning your studies in Kenya? Inquire about our student-friendly baggage solutions today!

Business traveller

As one of Africa’s leading economies, Kenya attracts a substantial number of business travellers. Our guide provides insights into the local business environment, along with practical tips on travel arrangements and handling work-related equipment. Whether you’re attending a conference or pursuing a new venture, our guide ensures you are well-equipped for your business trip.

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From its abundant wildlife to its beautiful beaches, Kenya is a dream destination for tourists. Our guide offers practical information such as visa requirements and customs regulations, as well as highlights must-visit attractions and local customs. It also provides practical tips on transportation and accommodations, ensuring tourists can fully immerse themselves in the Kenyan experience. Planning your dream safari in Kenya? Request a quote for our hassle-free baggage services and travel light!

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