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Relocation and Travelling Guide


If you are planning to relocate or travel to Zimbabwe, this guide packed with practical information and helpful tips will simplify your journey. Be sure to opt for our convenient and affordable luggage shipping service so you can travel without leaving anything behind.
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Contents of the guide

Who is this guide for?


Our comprehensive Zimbabwe guide is packed with practical information, tips, and customs rules to help expats with a smooth transition to this beautiful African nation. Whether you need guidance on shipping your personal belongings, understanding local customs, or finding the best neighbourhoods to settle in, our Zimbabwe guide has got you covered. Request a quote for our hassle-free baggage solutions and let us make your move to Zimbabwe stress-free and enjoyable.


Attention students! Prepare for an incredible educational journey to Zimbabwe with our guide full of helpful information tailored to make your transition to Zimbabwe seamless. From customs rules for bringing personal belongings to obtaining a student visa and finding accommodation, our guide provides all the essential details. Contact us for student-friendly baggage solutions and embrace the vibrant student life in Zimbabwe.

Business traveller

Business travellers, our Zimbabwe guide is your essential resource for a successful trip to this dynamic African nation. Our guide provides practical information and customs rules to ensure a smooth and efficient business visit to Zimbabwe. From tips on managing your baggage and travelling with work equipment to navigating the local business culture, our comprehensive guide covers it all.
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Zimbabwe is popular with tourists for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking wildlife and warm hospitality. Our guide provides helpful information and tips for tourists such as visa requirements, customs regulations, and tips for travelling with personal belongings. We also offer insights on transportation, accommodation and local customs and culture as well as the hottest spots to visit, to help tourists make the most of their visit. Whether you’re planning a safari adventure or eager to explore the iconic Victoria Falls, our guide’s practical information and tips will make your trip to Zimbabwe smooth and unforgettable.
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