Customs regulations for your trip to Afghanistan

Last modified: July 15, 2023
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Customs regulations

All shipments are subject to inspection. All surface shipments will incur container detention and demurrage on average of 30 days. Surface shipments will also incur container detention. The average detention period is 60 days. Detention can be avoided by using a SOC shipper owned container. Upon arrival one must declare all foreign currency. You should be present at the destination when the shipment arrives. Used household goods and personal effects are duty free.

NOTE: All shipments transiting through Pakistan bound for Afghanistan are being held by the Pakistani government indefinitely. The Pakistani government has not commented on how long containers will be held nor who is liable for port storage costs and container rental fees being incurred. Until further notice air or sea shipments should be routed via Europe, Singapore or United Arab Emirates.

Required documents:

  • Passport including photo page
  • Visa issued at Afghan Consulate at origin
  • Work Permit – obtained from the Consulate Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the Employer directly on the Customer’s behalf. Extensions can go through the Ministry of the Interior
  • Bill of Lading/Air Waybill – must be labelled “In transit to Afghanistan via (insert origin country)”
  • Transit Permission – if applicable Comprehensive inventory including values of items.
  • Resident Visa – issued by the Ministry of the Interior

Diplomat status:

Foreign diplomats, members of government or international organizations are granted tax- and duty-free entry of their personal effects and household items either new or used.

Required documents:

  • Diplomatic Visa – Obtained through the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Passport copy
  • Comprehensive inventory list in English

Restricted / Dutiable

List of items

  • Large appliances must not exceed one of each item
  • New items are subject to very high taxes and require original receipts
  • Film cameras and their film require an Import Permit. Upon exportation of goods, permits will be required for furs, carpets, antiquities and camera film.

Prohibited items

List of items

  • Narcotics/illegal drugs of any kind
  • Explosives, ammunitions and weapons of any kind & body armor
  • Liquor and wine – strictly prohibited and will be confiscated
  • Any printed material, books, magazines etc
  • Medications & medical equipment
  • Pornographic material and statues
  • Any subversive material, material contrary to the faith of Islam & anti-government literature
  • Goods bearing words or inscriptions of religious connotation
  • Videos tapes, DVD’s, any other type of film/movies
  • Parlor video games or parts thereof
  • Food of Pork, pork products or by-products
  • Goods in commercial quantities


Pets importation

Quarantine is not required, however you must be present at time of clearance. Dogs may enter as cargo only. The transport of some species of rare birds is prohibited. The Afghan Tourist Bureau can provide more information and relevant export certificate. Please consult with your Destination Agent prior to consigning a pet for current requirements.

Required documents:

  • Owner’s Passport
  • Certificate of Vaccination – including rabies, dated less than 30 days prior to arrival
  • Health Certificate – dated less than 30 days prior to arrival, endorsed by a Veterinary Service

Motors importation

Vehicles require prior authorization from the Ministry of Commerce in Kabul, Afghanistan

Required documents:

  • Certificate of Title and Registration – must be original
  • Commercial/Purchase Invoice – must be original
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