Customs regulations for your trip to Cape Verde

Last modified: July 31, 2023
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Customs Regulations

Local laws and customs

There is zero tolerance towards possessing, using or trafficking any type of illegal drugs. Penalties are severe and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines.

Used Household Goods and Personal Effects

Documents Required

  • Original bill of lading (OBL)  (2 copies) / no express release accepted / air waybill (AWB)
  • Packing list
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of entry permit in passport
  • Copy of residence permit
  • Diplomatic exemption from the Cape Verdean Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) (expatriates and foreign diplomats)

Specific Information

  • Personal effects may be imported duty free if occurring with 6 months of the owner of the goods’ initial arrival in Cape Verde and all documentation is available (returning citizens)
  • Personal effects may be imported duty free during residence in Cape Verde, provided documentation is available (foreign diplomats)

Dutiable Items

  • Alcohol and tobacco (permitted in reasonable quantities and for personal use only)
  • Cigarettes – 200
  • Liquor – Up to 1 Litre
  • Perfume- A “Reasonable” amount allowed
  • Guns, Ammunition and Drugs can only require a special license to be imported into the country. Additional health certificate required if importing dogs into the country

Prohibited ItemsObscene material

  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Weapons and explosives

Miscellaneous (Pets, Motors, and others.)

Motor Vehicles

Documents Required

  • All documentation required for household goods
  • OBL / AWB with brand, model, engine, and chassis numbers stated
  • Original certificate of origin (used vehicles)
  • Original purchase invoice (new vehicles)
  • Insurance documentation from origin country

Specific Information

  • Foreign diplomats, technicians, and coopérants may import a personally owned vehicle (POV) duty free.
  • Duties and taxes will apply for others, percentage varies according to the vehicle; check with agent for details.

Wild Fauna and Flora:

The import of certain endangered species of plant, live animals and their products is prohibited or restricted under CITES.


Documents Required

  • Veterinarian health certificate
  • Rabies vaccination certificate (dogs)

Specific Information

  • Dogs also require an additional rabies vaccination certificate.

Required to hold:

  • An international Veterinary Health Certificate, issued by the official veterinary authority of the country of origin;
  • Rabies vaccination certificate;
  • Pet passport including the registration of a valid anti-rabies vaccination;
  • Certificate of Rabies Titration, depending on the country of origin.


Currency Import regulations:

Local currency (Cape Verde Escudo – CVE): prohibited.
Foreign currencies: no restrictions, if the amounts imported are declared on arrival.

Currency Export regulations:

Local currency (Cape Verde Escudo – CVE): prohibited.

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