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Last modified: July 25, 2023
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Whether you’re planning to cruise the canals of Amsterdam, explore the Van Gogh Museum, or cycle through tulip fields, dive into our blog and let your imagination transport you to the enchanting world of the Netherlands. Let our tips and advice be your compass as you embark on this extraordinary journey.

Experience the magic of the Netherlands without the baggage stress. Inquire now for a smooth journey! Start your Dutch adventure now and immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, and wonders of this incredible destination.


Netherlands etiquettes: Dos and Don’ts – What you should know?

With the Netherlands being open to ‘tourists’ and to those coming from a safe country, you might want to pay a visit to the land of tulips! However, as with any country, before going there, it is essential that you learn about the social…

Your Checklist for Moving to The Netherlands

Are you planning on relocating to the Netherlands? Follow our ultimate checklist for shifting to the Netherlands to make your move easier. A popular country for expats, the Netherlands is known for its cultural diversity and high standard…

Netherlands: The Different Types of Visa

Are you planning to visit, work, study or move to the Netherlands and you don’t truly know what visa and permit you might require? Here’s a detailed guide to help you understand the different types of Dutch visa and other immigration requirements.  Relocating…

The Netherlands and Iceland are open to visitors!

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns that followed have dampened the travel plans of many of us. Indeed, countries across the world have closed their borders to visitors and there were many mandatory quarantines to abide to. If you are tired…

Reopening of The Netherlands

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown that followed have dampened the travel plans of many of us. Countries across the world had to close their borders to visitors and there were many mandatory quarantine rules to abide by. If you are tired of…
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