Deltracon: yet another variant identified in Cyprus

Although most countries are enforcing new rules and restrictions to protect their population, the Delta and Omicron variants of COVID-19 keep on spreading all around the world rapidly and recently another new variant has been added to the ever-increasing stream of coronavirus strains.

First identified in Cyprus, doctors and researchers have named the recently developed variant; Deltracon. It was first discovered in patients admitted to several hospitals across the Middle Eastern country who were reported to have tested positive of COVID-19. Till now, 25 such cases have been reported.

What is deltracon?

Deltracon is a variant that has a similar genetic background to Delta mixed with around 10 Omicron mutations.

How far has the variant spread?

So far, Deltracon has only been spotted in Cyprus with 25 cases registered Out of the 25 cases of the new strain reported, 11 were from those hospitalized given that they were tested positive and the remaining 14 were identified in the general population

Is deltracon highly dangerous?

Just like any other variant, this one is equally alarming and you sure don’t want to catch it. However experts have said that there is a possibility that Deltacron might not actually be a real variant. Instead, it might be the consequence of the contamination of the previous strains.

It is also important to note that this new variant has not yet been recognised by WHO.

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