Hong Kong: The Current Situation

Hong Kong is suffering heavily as the 5th wave of the pandemic hits. The number of covid cases newly registered in the last 24 hours is at 31,008 where 31, 006 are local and 2 are imported. The number keeps rising day by day although the government has urged to maintain social distancing to minimise the risk of the Covid-19 from spreading, but due to the rising amount, many businesses are slowing due to shortage of staff including one of the major cargo terminal; HACTL who are now working on specific shifts to avoid staff from different departments from mingling with one another.

The government has also decided to adopt the “Suppress & Lift” approach given that they are aware that coronavirus may not go away sooner, and they will have to adapt and live with the new normal to go forth with their normal daily activities. However, the public is still strongly requested to reduce social contact to keep others and themselves safe. Masks are also mandatory when it comes to going in public places to reduce the risks of future risks of infection.

As more people are encouraged to get vaccinated, the government has also updated the list of recognised jabs to access the country. The government recently declared that it would now accept jab records issued by Benin and Jordan as recognised vaccination records for Hong Kong residents returning from Group A specified places.

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