Delays are to be expected within logistics firms as Shanghai airport declares closure.

On August 20, five new covid – 19 cases were detected among cargo workers and due to that freighter suspension remain in effect at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. One of the airport terminals is now closed as it was reported that one – third of flights out of PVG airport was affected.

Before the closure was effected, only 33% of Shanghai Pudong International Airport was operational due to China’s strict quarantine measures. The freighter’s flights will not be operating again before the area is considered to be completely safe again.

Since cargo workers are asked to report to work for only 7 days and then undergo 14 days of quarantine, many staff members are quitting; furthermore making logistics companies to delay and take longer transit times due to the suspensions. The impact of this suspension will see a serious backlog in PVG in the coming days as Shanghai Pudong International handles more than 3.1 million tons of cargo annually and is also one of the main loading nodes in China. However, SEKO Logistics stated on twitter that ‘’Airlines are diverting flights to airports to the South or West of China.’’ SEKO Logistics also said that some forwarders are already considering different export methods; such as shipping cargo via sea freight to Singapore and flying them out from Singapore Changi Airport. To make the situation less impactful, some cargo flights have already been diverted to Hong Kong.

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