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Excess Baggage & Unaccompanied Luggage FAQ's

> General FAQs
What is the difference between unaccompanied baggage and excess baggage?

Excess baggage is a charge placed by individual airlines on passengers who exceed their allowable limit.

Unaccompanied baggage is an alternative method of sending excess luggage to your destination. It is an independent service and offers you a cheaper rate on a space available basis.
For more information see Unaccompanied Baggage Explained.

Can you put my unaccompanied baggage on my flight?
Unfortunately no. For security purposes and because of the nature of the service we are unable to put your goods on your flight.
Can you have our baggage at the destination by a certain date?
Airline regulations do not allow us to make guarantees of arrival times as the service is on a space available basis. We can guarantee however, that after the mandatory security holding period, we will put your goods on the next available flight(s) to your destination, unless otherwise instructed by you.
How long will it take for my goods to reach their destination?

Most consignments take an average of 7-10 days, however this time frame is a guide only and is dependant on several factors such as:

  • The time you consign your goods to WBN eg: we do not lodge cargo or documentation during the weekend.
  • Passenger loadings - If an aircraft is at maximum capacity with passengers and their baggage, unaccompanied baggage which is of a lower priority may be taken off the flight.
  • Adverse weather conditions can affect the movement of unaccompanied baggage. For example: the airline may need to offload cargo from a flight to enable it to conserve fuel in high winds.
  • The destination - basically the further away from, and the increased number of transits from one aircraft to another will affect the length of time taken for your goods to arrive at the destination.
  • Flight Timetables: We are only able to send cargo on available cargo flights. Some destinations have daily services and others once a week only.
  • Security regulations may mean that we are required to take certain security measures such as holding cargo for cooling off periods. All cargo has a mandatory 24 hour period where it must be held in Perth prior to sending.
What charges are involved?
A per kilogram rate plus documentation and airline related fees.
At destination, you will be required to pay the Customs Department a fee for clearing your goods. This is normally based on the the local currency.
Storage fees will be charged after certain free periods depending on the country you are sending your goods to.
It is important to remember that all countries have different rules and regulations.
How will I know when my goods have arrived?
The airline or their agent will notify you by phone after your goods have arrived. We will also advise you of the contact details of the carrier concerned where possible.
Can WBN pack for me or do I have to do my own?
The local WBN representative will give you guidance on this subject.
Does the cost include insurance?
The WBN local representative will give you advice on this once your quote has been received.
What should we do if the cargo arrives damaged?
You must check the conditions of your goods before you sign for them. Occasionally goods may arrive with damage to the goods. If this happens you must not sign for the goods. You must insist on having a survey done by the airline or responsible agent. It is the airline/agents duty to trace your shipment. You must also quote the airway bill number at all times. If a claim is necessary, it is important you keep a copy of all correspondence. If you must lodge a claim against the airline, this should be done without delay, and it should be done at the destination.
How do we pay?
You will be contacted with payment instructions by the local WBN representative.
> Unaccompanied Baggage FAQs
What's the difference between excess baggage and unaccompanied baggage?

When you hand over any piece of luggage while you are checking in and the size or weight exceeds the free baggage allowance limitations, this is considered excess baggage. Excess baggage charges are expensive and often based on 1% of the first class airfare to your destination.

Unaccompanied baggage is a cost-effective and convenient alternative for the occasions when you have excess baggage. You can send all your excess luggage and personal belongings as unaccompanied baggage, which in principle means your luggage is shipped ‘unaccompanied’ by you on your chosen flight or a designated flight on another airline.

Excess baggage charges imposed by the airlines can be expensive. By using the World Baggage Network local representative you can save money.

When will WBN send my excess baggage?
Once your baggage has been lodged with us, we will process the necessary documentation and security checks to ensure your baggage is “tamper proof” before clearing security and authorising shipment of your goods. We can also delay the send-off of your excess baggage should you choose not to have it arrive at your destination before you do.

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