5 Affordable Cities in The UK for Expats

  •  Birmingham 

If you are a fan of the big cities, you are going to love Birmingham. Birmingham is located in the very heart of England and at the centre of the UK’s rail and the bus networks. It’s only around 90 minutes by train to the capital and the fares are quite affordable if booked in advance. You can get to most of the major northern cities in around 2 hours, which makes it a good base for anyone looking to live and explore the UK.

Estimated Living Cost: £1050/month

  • Norwich

If you prefer living at a slower pace, then Norwich is for you.It is nestled in the picturesque Norfolk away from the loud city, Norwich is quite isolated and it quite cut off from other parts of the country with no motorway and relatively slow transport links and that can be considered as a part of  its  charm. 

Estimated Living Cost: £1000/month

  • Chester

With an extensive history that dates back to its foundation by the Romans, Chester is located only around 40 miles southwest of Manchester and just 15 miles south of Liverpool. 

Estimated Living Costs – £950/month

  • Cardiff

The Welsh capital is a good place to settle down. Anyone looking to live on a tight budget will enjoy the fact that it’s also a popular student hub which also means that there are  also plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment options that are affordable compared to the bigger cities. 

Estimated Living Costs – £1000/month

  • Edinburgh

Being the capital of the UK’s northern country, Edinburgh has the beauty of a seaside town, mixed in with the bustling vibrancy of a modern world city. With relevantly low crime rates and a high level of educational opportunities, Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the UK for families.

Estimated Living Costs – £1000/month

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