5 Amazing Countries to visit in Africa

Known as the ‘’Mother Continent’’ because it is the oldest inhabited one on Earth, Africa has some deeply rooted and fascinating history. Africa is also known as the ‘Motherland’ because it highly believed to be the birthplace of human race.

In fact, according to experts in the history of the African continent, the original ancient name of Africa was ‘’Alkebulan’’, which translates to ‘’mother of mankind’’ or according to another source, to ‘The garden of Eden’.

Maybe it is the fascinating origin of Africa that creates this deep pull among travellers. Tourists tend to gravitate towards this vast continent, offering them unique experiences. If you wish to embrace the magic of Africa, check out our guide on the top places to visit in The Garden of Eden.


Located in the North-Western part of Africa right in between the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea is the magnificent Morocco, the ideal destination for both tourists looking for a luxurious getaway or the backpacker looking for adventure.

The fascinating aspect of Morocco is its diversed heritage and culture. The whole country, from its quaint seaside town to its beautiful old cities, medinas, souks, and snowy mountains, contains traces of European, Berber as well Arabian culture, implying never-ending exploration.

Tip: Do not spend more than a few days in the capital Casablanca and venture into other areas such as Essaouira, Fez, and Marrakech


Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, Egypt seems to be a surreal place, with its unmatched history and never-ending sights and attractions. Egypt’s history is not left back in the past. Instead, it is part and parcel of the country, on display everywhere, demanding respect and awe.

Travelers are dazed by the historical monuments, the tombs, pyramids, temples, statues and obelisks that seems to be everywhere. However, Egypt is not just that. Among other things, it is also one of the top diving destinations in Africa.

South Africa

Offering the best of both worlds, South Africa is a favourite among many travellers. It has well-developed cities and locations that look exactly like it can be part of the US or any other European country. However, it is in no way lacking that African heritage, with everything you would expect from a country in the ‘Motherland’.


If Africa is known to be the ‘Motherland’, Ethiopia is commonly referred to as ‘The cradle of humankind’. While other countries might show touch of Western influences and are always full of tourists, Ethiopia seems to be a timeless space, untouched, unspoiled by mankind. It offers an unparalleled sense of tranquillity and an exciting sense of adventure that only African lands can offer.

Ancient historical and archaeological sites, such as the 12th-century churches in Lalibela and the ruins of the ancient city of Aksum will definitely fascinate history geeks while nature lovers will revel in its landscapes and National Parks.


Africa seems to be synonymous with safari and where else can you experience one of the most personal encounters with wildlife than Kenya. Kenya is considered to be the home of safari with its vast savannah and never-ending desert brimming with lions, elephants, flamingos, antelopes, rhinos and many other magnificent creatures.

Want to catch a break from these exciting animals? Relax on its pristine beaches or even on its beautiful Lamu island or opt for a retreat in nature in its forests or open plains with freshwater lakes.

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