5 Best Cities to Relocate to in Spain

There’s nothing as exciting about the idea of moving to another country. Sunny, warm coastals, and beautifully cultured, Spain is definitely a magnet that attracts a large number of tourists as well as expats who are in search of a new lifestyle experience. Being the 4th most popular country in Europe by immigration numbers, Spain is one of the most chosen countries for various nationalities. 

While it’s not difficult to find a dozen amazing places in Spain, it may however be difficult to find one place that you would find best for yourself to call home. Let’s dive in and discover 6  amazing places to live in Spain.


One of the sunniest European cities, Madrid is one of the most desired places to live in Spain. Thousands of expats from all around the world flock to Madrid each year.This city has rapidly made its way out of the global recession and is offering some of the most attractive employment opportunities for expats looking to live and work in Spain. Madrid is a city which never sleeps and the nightlife is amazing; however you shouldn’t be too alarmed in case you are thinking of moving along with your family. The city holds a number of good schools and universities.


Known as an eternal rival of Madrid in terms of comparison, Barcelona is an extraordinary city which marks people. Compared to the slow living of Madrid, Barcelona is more of a fast moving city and if you are a coastal person, Barcelona should be the right fit for you. Also renowned for its education, the city holds numerous colleges and universities; thus leaving opportunities for families searching to relocate as well as students who want to pursue further studies.


Valencia is one of the best cities to live in Spain. Valencia, the northern gateway to the coast, is an urban hub for those living in Costa Blanca. The city is large, vibrant, dynamic, and boasts everything that a city can offer to its inhabitants such as incredible infrastructure, diverse facilities, cultural events, entertainments as well as  fabulous nightlife. The cost of living in Valencia is quite low compared to other big cities in Spain. In short, the city is bubbly, fun and holds a nice community. Valencia also holds a great transport network, making it easier for inhabitants to travel from one place to another with ease.


Malaga is a lively port city full of beautiful hotels and resorts. It often reciognised as the capital of the Costa del Sol. It is the second-most populous city of Andalucia and has established itself as the coast’s commercial and cultural hub. The Costa del Sol is one of Andalucia’s main treasures and attracts many tourists, professional expats and retirees.

What attracts people from all over the world to come and live in Malaga is the magnificent coast that stretches east and west from the city. La Malagueta is one of the firm favourites with many expats for its great education facilities, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, all the amenities on the doorstep and the beach close by.  Compared to Madrid and  Barcelona, Malaga is cheaper 


If you’re looking for something glamorous and sumptuous, Marbella will definitely be the place for you.  The city is a fantastic location with wonderful beaches and vibrant architecture. Marbella has low crime levels and is beautifully maintained by the local authorities, thus making it a pleasant city to live. Marbella is a paradise where every place be it a small café or a Michelin starred restaurant is a delight. If you are a foodie, Marbella would be like heaven on earth.

Education wise, expat families who relocates to Marbell rarely bother to send their children to international schools as the Spanish schools are generally good as well as free and offer various opportunities for integration.

Spain is a charming country who has what it takes to make people lose their heart to. Are you moving to Spain soon?  Click here (add hyperlink) to get a free quote.  (https://www.worldbaggagenetwork.com/request-quote/)

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