5 top countries to move to in Europe as expat

For decades already, Europe has been a magnet for expats. Thousands and thousands of foreigners move to various countries in Europe in search of a better life and rightly so since in most cases, the continent offers better jobs with higher salaries, a safer environment and a better quality of life in general. Europe’s diversity has also become the place to be for digital nomads. Here are the top 5 European countries to move to in 2022.


Because of its accessibility, vastness and diversity, Germany is extremely popular among expats. In fact, it is home to the greatest number of expats in Europe. Why does it appeal to them so much? To begin with, the country has several types of visas for those who want to move there. For instance, if you possess a skill which is in demand there, you can get an employment visa or even an artist visa if you wish to pursue a career in arts!


If you are looking for a dynamic country that is constantly evolving, Spain is the place. It offers a unique culture, a high quality of life, affordable cost of living, good public and private schools and great healthcare system. Let’s also mention the sunny beaches! Just its capital, Madrid, is suitable for all types of expats, those having a business, working a corporate job, in active retirement, digital nomads or others.


Instead of just vacationing in Portugal, why not move there? Besides some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you will also enjoy an outstanding quality of life since the cost of living is relatively cheap for expats. Portugal is considered to be one of the easiest countries to settle down because of its welcoming climate and the plethora of social opportunities for cultural integration. Whether you are a digital nomad or you want to settle down with your family, Portugal will make you happy. When it comes to visa options, you can choose between long term visas, retirement visas or even a Golden Visa Option if you have enough funds.


If you are looking for a great work-life balance, then Greece is the place to be. The uniqueness of Greece is it is a melting pot between past and present, east and west and ancient history and contemporary politics. Many expats prefer moving to Athens because of its easy-going lifestyle and the myriad of possibilities for professional growth. From a practical point of view, rent in Athens in comparatively low, it has several co-working spaces for digital nomads and international schools for those who wish to settle with their family.


Safety, stability, great career opportunities and financial security. What do you wish for more than that? This is exactly what Switzerland offers. Offering an amazing work-life balance, expats in Switzerland boasts of a stress-free lifestyle. Let’s not forget the landscape and the chocolate. However, one of the downsides of Switzerland is that it is comparatively more expensive than other countries in Europe. So be careful about your finances when considering to move there.

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