6 Things to Experience in Abu Dhabi to Feel Like an Emirati

Majestic Abu Dhabi is renowned for its beautiful beaches, futuristic architecture, fine restaurants, moving lifestyle and so much more.

Did you know that over 200 nationalities call Abu Dhabi home? It’s the hospitable nature of local citizens, known as Emiratis, that make tourists alike feel so at home.

The Emirati culture and traditions are almost identical to Bedouin traditions that have existed for millennia. Bedouins are famous for their remarkable warm hospitality which are qualities that remain central to the Emirati character.

Here are the essential places you need to visit to experience the local side of the beautiful Abu Dhabi.

1. House of Artisans

At the House of Artisans in Qasr Al Hosn, visitors can take part in workshops taught by local artisans who craft beautiful pieces using traditional methods. The high-quality handcrafted items are available for purchase and they make for the perfect holiday souvenir.

2. Bait Al Gahwa

Gahwa (Arabic coffee) is an essential part of Emirati culture and one of the UAE’s most cherished traditions. Visit Bait Al Gawha in Qasr Al Hosn to sample the local coffee and learn the art of this social ritual.

3. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Falcons and falconry have been connected to Emirati culture and Bedouin’s lives for centuries. Tour the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital’s luxurious wards, explore the falconry museum and watch the falcons swoop through the free-flight aviary. The hospital’s guided tours come highly recommended.

4. Bedouin Desert Experiences

Get a taste of Emirati heritage at the Desert Rose Bedouin Desert Camp. Set against the golden dunes of Al Khaznah between Abu Dhabi city and Al Ain, the camp offers visitors authentic desert activities including camel rides, evening buffets, belly dance performances and much more.

5. Al Ain Camel Market

Al Ain Camel Market is a great place to get a closer look at the animal that symbolises desert life. Immerse yourself in the bustling market, located 15km away from downtown Al Ain. Watch morning trades, capture photos with the camels, and attend mock camel races at this family-friendly spot.

6. Mezlai

To feel like a local you must eat like a local. There’s nowhere better to do this than Mezlai at Emirates Palace. The award-winning restaurant is designed to resemble an airy Bedouin tent and pays homage to the UAE’s heritage through traditional Emirati dishes and beverages.

7. Mina Markets

Explore Abu Dhabi’s dynamic market culture at the Mina Markets. Learn about the city’s historic connection with the Arabian Gulf at the Fish Souk, pick up a memento for your trip at the Carpet Souk, and see the Vegetable Souk’s vibrant selection of fresh produce

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