6 tips for flying with a toddler

Parents can confirm it: babies and toddlers are two different species entirely. While it may seem that babies or infant cry more, toddlers are more demanding. They need more supervision and the same goes for when travelling.

Toddlers are more energetic than babies. They are going to move around, run away, touch everything and might even throw a tantrum in the airport or in the plane. That is why many parents sometimes dread taking a long-haul flight with their kids. How to make sure that you survive your travel plans? Check out our tips for flying with a toddler.

No. 1 Prepare your toddler in advance for the flight

Your preparations for a smooth flight with your toddler begin well before the flight date. It is important that you talk to your child about what is going to happen both in the airport and during the flight so that he knows what to expect. This will help him prepare himself mentally for the long wait times, the hours of sitting in the same place or even the discomfort of sleeping in a plane seat. At the same time, hype up the destination so that they know something exciting is coming next.

No. 2 Pack fun activities

To help deal with the boredom on the plane, pack plenty of activities for your child, especially during long-haul flights. Download their favourite movies on your tablet, bring colouring and activity books, some games and other things that will keep him occupied during the flight. Bring his favourite comfort items as well.

No. 3 Plan a schedule of activities

Do not just board the plane without a plan. You will find yourself flustered and might tend to give your child all the activities at the same time, which is a huge mistake. Build a plan: a schedule of activities. Design a timetable with the activities for your toddler and include his sleeping time.

Tip: save the best activity for an emergency, such as a tantrum!

No. 4 Book your flight wisely

A lot of parents prefer booking night flights when travelling with kids, in the hope that the child will sleep during of the flight, at least for the majority of it. This might work for some, but not for everyone. One tip from flight attendants is to book a flight during non-peak hours. This means shorter security lines and less crowd at the airport. Moreover, try to avoid flights with long layovers.

No. 5 Pack his favourite food and snacks

Let’s be honest, airplane food is not always the best and toddlers can be very picky. You do not want to travel with a hangry toddler because they are cranky and irritating. Make sure to pack his favourite food and snacks to make sure that your child is well fed and to avoid any outbursts.

No. 6 Do not hesitate to ask for help!
Remember: flight attendants are your greatest allies! Their goal is to ensure that everyone has a smooth flight and they will gladly help you out if you need help. Do not hesitate to ask for their help, especially if you are flying alone with your child.

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