An expat moving to New Zealand. What are some of the best cities to move in?

For nature-lovers, New Zealand is heaven on earth. It has everything that you can dream of: lush rainforests, snowy mountains, live volcanoes, glistering beaches and what not… That is not all, the country offers expats several opportunities and with its temperate climate, it is perfect to live in.

Many of those moving to New Zealand speak about Auckland. However, seasoned players will tell you that it is not the perfect option out there, with high property prices and costs of living. So, let’s look at the most attractive places to move to.


Despite being the capital of New Zealand, Wellington has a cheaper cost of living than Auckland and it offers a higher quality lifestyle. Apart from the quiet neighborhood and beautiful beaches, this waterfront city has a lot of amenities, such as top-range private schools, great cafés, events and festivals that expats would enjoy. Moreover, it has a bubbling finance, tech and science sectors and opportunities for those in the creative field as well.


Known as the Edinburgh of Scotland, Dunedin as a deep Scottish heritage. Affordable housing, a strong sense of security, first-class education for families, job opportunities… what more can you ask for? Expats can benefit from employment opportunities in property services, education, business services, health services, food manufacturing, communication, government administration and tourism.


Dubbed as the Garden City of New Zealand, it features great employment, educational and social facilities, which is the perfect blend for expats.  There is a continuous demand for skilled construction workers, and it is third largest center for IT. Moreover, it has businesses in software, electrical and electronics, equipment and software for the health and medical sectors and telecommunications services. Let’s not forget that it is close to the coast!


This is one of the most thrilling cities in New Zealand. It offers expats several adventure activities such as skydiving, hand- or para-gliding or bungee jumping. In a winter, you can enjoy world-class skiing. Set on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and having a magnificent mountain drop, it is the perfect place for thrill-seekers. In fact, it is very attractive among expats aged under 35. However, it should be noted that most jobs revolve around the tourism sector.


This is the up-and-coming destination for expats. Moreover, this much-loved city for expats is also becoming a favorite holiday destination for locals, especially because of its beautiful beaches. It has a low population, which means that it is a peaceful city, and it is affordable to live in. Despite that, it has various day trip options and a vibrant nightlife life. Tauranga will make you feel as if you are holidaying all year long.


If you love wine, then you must head to Napier! It is New Zealand’s second-largest wine-producing area. Thus, besides ocean and water sports, you can enjoy gorgeous vineyards and a wonderful art-deco architecture. Who would not want to settle in such a dreamy landscape? The best thing for expats is that it is one of the cheapest cities to live in!

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