How to choose the right travel luggage?

Travel luggage

If packing properly is one of the most important activity to have a successful trip abroad, you must first get the appropriate luggage in which you will pack all your things. Is this another headache for you? Are you unable to choose from the hundreds of options out there? Check out our tips to help you select the best option. Here are the factors that you must take into consideration:


While you might wish for the biggest suitcase or bag possible to a pack a maximum number of items, you must also remember to select one that you can handle, lug around, lift or manoeuvre. Avoid taking something that will be too big for you to physically manage since there will be times when there will be no one around to help you out. Moreover, you must remember to check the luggage allowance of the airlines that you usually travel with since they have different requirements with it comes to size.

Additional tip: Select a case that is light on the scale. This will allow you to pack more items!

Extra features

The additional features are what makes all the difference. They will demarcate your case and will ensure that you are able to travel comfortably and without worrying. What features must you consider?

  • Wheels: A suitcase with wheels is a life-saver! You have the option of choosing between those with two-wheels or four. While both have their pros and cons, four-wheelers are recommended because they are more versatile.
  • Handle: Since you will have to pull and carry your luggage around, you must make sure that the bag’s handle is sturdy, it feels comfortable and is ergonomically designed. Before getting a suitcase, make sure to test it out. Walk with it for a little while so that you are aware if the length is appropriate for your height and if the handle stays locked. If the suitcase is jabbing you in the back or hits you on the heels, then it is not okay.
  • Compartments: Different compartments and pockets are extremely useful in cases, especially if you like to organise things well. These will allow you to pack more efficiently. For instance, your liquid bags can be in an external pocket so that you can locate them easily a t the airport.
  • Colour: This might insignificant because it will help you travel worry-free. For instance, it is recommended to avoid the Black colour so that you can recognise your bag easily among the hundreds of other black ones out there.


Last but not least, there are some safety features that are extremely important to consider. For instance, select a case with a sturdy lock. If your bag does not have a built-in one, you can purchase a separate lock. An alternative is to use cable ties. These will protect you from thieves, are easy to install and they also come into different colours, so you can spot your bag easily. A water-proof label with your contact information on your case is important as well.

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