How to move to Europe- Your visa options !

Moving to Europe is the goal for many! Living on a continent that is so rich in agriculture and industrial diversity and that has established itself as a centre of trade and commerce offers many benefits. Do not forget the travel opportunities and unique experiences that it can offer! While moving to Europe might seem to be complex and challenging, there are in fact so many options, depending on where you want to go to! Let’s have a look at how you can move to Europe. 

What are the types of visas available? 

Many might think that getting a job with a multinational company that has offices in Europe and then asking for a transfer is their only option. This is only one of the solutions available! The great thing about the continent is that there are various types of visas available for those who wish to move to Europe. 

Work visa: this is the most traditional option and the way to proceed is direct: Look for a job in the country that you wish to go to and apply for a work visa. When it comes to countries looking for specific skillsets, you can also get a “skilled visa”. 

Income Based visa: If you can prove that you can support yourself without having a job, then you are eligible for income-based visa. Some examples of passive incomes are from rental properties or dividends. 

Working Holiday Visa: This type of visa is perfect for young people who wish to work and travel at the same time. However, the jobs that you will be allowed to do on this visa are neither professional nor full time, which means that there might not be a lot of savings. However, it will allow you fund your entire trip abroad.

Digital nomad / Freelancer visa: If you wish to live in Europe for more than 90 days, you can get a digital nomad visa. This will allow you to increase the length of your stay in Europe, while working at the same time. Different countries have different types of freelancer visa. Research into the options available. 

Start a business in Europe: If you are the founder of a start-up or you wish to start a business in Europe, you can check in the different visa options available for business owners. Many European countries offer incentives and other benefits to attract investors. 

Golden visas/ Investment visa: These are very popular in countries like Spain, Portugal or Greece. Governments offer residency and citizenship to those having investment plans. These could be investment in properties, a business, government bonds or other fields. 

“Visitor” visa: Various European countries have visas allowing a stay of one year or more. However, you need to show proof of savings and this amount can be extremely high since you are expected to fund your trip with these funds. 

Our recommendation: Research as much as you can about Europe, in particular about the country that you intent to visit. This will help you learn about regulations related to visa, residency or citizenship, but also about the general culture in Europe! 

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