How to succeed as a digital nomad?

Do you hear the call of the waves beckoning to you often? Are you tempted by a session of surfing in the early hours of the day to give you that adrenaline rush to face the day? Or do you prefer to relax in nature, surrounded by trees and greenery? What if instead of waiting months for your vacation to be able to do the things you like, you can do them every do them on a day-to-day basis but still be able to keep your job? If you want to live as if every day is a holiday, we believe the digital nomad lifestyle is just what you need to embark on.

What is a digital nomad?

Digital nomads are professional who constantly travel to different locations while working remotely. They adopt a nomadic lifestyle, implying that they can travel to several countries and live there for some time while still getting their work done thanks to the internet and new technologies.

How to succeed as a digital nomad?

If you find this digital nomadic lifestyle tempting, follow our tips and tricks to succeed as a digital nomad anywhere.

Have the right job

Despite the fact that a lot of digital nomads work on a freelance basis, which gives them more flexibility and freedom in terms of working hours, the nomadic lifestyle can also be adopted by those in a full-time position. If your current job allows you to work remotely, you are already set! If not, look for a position, in another company, that allows you to work remotely.

Research the places you will be travelling to

The countries you will be travelling to, especially at the beginning of your career, can either make or break your digital nomad lifestyle. It is important to research the countries you will be staying in beforehand to know whether it make sense to go there. Is it affordable? Will you be able to cover accommodation, food and other essential expenses without depleting all your savings? Is the infrastructure adequate for you to work? These are some basic questions that you should answer.

Invest in the proper hardware

Your laptop is going to be your best friend, so make sure you invest in a robust one that will not break down while you are in Bali. Do not forget smaller accessories such as portable chargers and the indispensable travel adaptors.

Extra tip: look into portable hotspot devices to ensure that you have an internet connection wherever you are!

Always have a plan B

While we do not wish for an emergency to occur, you should always plan for emergencies that can happen and prepare contingency plans. What if you fall ill? What if your laptop breaks down? What if you must meet an important deadline and the Wi-Fi is out of order. Have not only a plan B, but also plans C and D ready.

Join a community of digital nomads

Last but not least, join a digital nomad community where you will be able connect with others and learn from their experiences. Get answers for your most important questions and clear out any doubts that you may have. Not only will you learn everything there is to know about this lifestyle, but you will also make great connections and friendships!

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