The ultimate guide to relocating as a student

Leaving home for university not only can but will change your life. After the long wait for an answer from your selected college and the excitement of being accepted comes the stress of having to prepare to move abroad. While this experience might seem dreadful, it is also exciting and thrilling.

Check out our ultimate guide to relocating as a student to ease some of the stress and prepare yourself for a new life.

Research, research, and research

Learning as much as you can about this upcoming adventure will help ease the transition to living on your own as a student. Research about your courses, the university, the culture and way of life, cost of living and accommodation options. This will help you make a budget, plan, and make a checklist of things that need to be taken care of.

Tip: Make it a point to learn more about your classes and check the suggested reading lists so that you are well-prepared to rock in class

Prepare for a new life

After your research, start preparing for your new life as a student. First, have your necessary paperwork, (visa, acceptance letters, immigration document etc.) in order and ready. Once all the paperwork for the move is in place, start setting up for your new life: Set up a bank account in advance, think about your transport options and look into/ register for clubs and societies and connect with others virtually so that you do not feel lonely when you move.

Pack for your new life

Start packing for the move well in advance. Make a packing list so that you do not forget about any important items and to avoid overpacking. When relocating, it is easy to get emotional and box up stuff that you might never use. Pack only essential items in labelled boxes so that it is easier to unpack.

Tip: Instead of buying new stationary, books, and other items you will need and move them, research if you can get these at an affordable price and buy them when you get to university.

Finding and settling into your new living space

Whether you will be living in a student dorm or in an apartment, find ways to make your living space more welcoming and warmer so that you feel at home while being away. Redecorate with your favourite items (photos, plants etc) and bring your comfort items.

If you are opting for an apartment, you can start looking for a flatmate. Think about setting up your utilities and changing your mailing address.

Think ahead about your safety

Whether you are looking for a new flatmate or a new house, always keep your safety in consideration. Choose a safe location to move to and plan for emergencies. Have local emergency numbers and your campus security number on speed dial in case you need help.

Remember to keep safe in your new life and to have some safety mechanisms in place since there are certain risks to living on your own. Do not forget the general rules: Always tell other people about your location.

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