Your Checklist for Moving to The Netherlands

Are you planning on relocating to the Netherlands? Follow our ultimate checklist for shifting to the Netherlands to make your move easier.

A popular country for expats, the Netherlands is known for its cultural diversity and high standard of living. The capital, Amsterdam, is an exceptional  canal city that attracts a number of foreign workers to its growing tech and finance industries. However, the Netherlands main focus for expats is not only Amsterdam. Rotterdam and The Hague are also home to significant expat communities. 

If you have made up your mind to relocate to the Netherlands, there are certain things to be aware of before you make the move. These include a range of issues you might encounter, from visa requirements to the Dutch lifestyle. To make your move smoother, here is our ultimate checklist for moving to the Netherlands. 

Arrange your visa

The Netherlands is an EU member state, which means EU/EFTA residents can enter and remain in the country without requiring a visa. However if a EU/EFTA resident plans on staying longer than four months, the latter will need to register with the government. Other requirements exist for non EU/EFTA residents, including the need for entry visas and residence permits. To know more about immigration of the Netherlands, read our guide to the Dutch visa (add link to visa blog here)

Securing a Job 

To stay on the safe side, expats moving to the Netherlands will already have a job offer in their back pocket. However, many will make the move while still looking for a job. The Netherlands has plenty of job prospects for expats, most specifically in the finance and tech sectors but make sure that you know a bit of their language before moving as many companies require a certain spoken level of the language. 

Learn the Language

English is widely spoken in the Netherlands. However, if you’re planning to live in the country, you’ll find that learning Dutch is very important.  From official documents to finding a job, learning at least a basic level of Dutch makes a big difference when it comes to integrating the society. You might want to look for an online tutor if you want something more flexible. 

Moving Your Belongings

Although the Dutch are known to be a cycling nation, you would not be able to move all your belongings on the back of your bike. If you are relocating to the Netherlands, it is important for you to arrange yourself to transport your goods. We understand that packing and shipping bits and parts of your everyday life is stressful and that is why at WBN, we are committed to provide you with the best transportation services. 

Healthcare Insurance

One of the most important factors to consider while preparing to move to the Netherlands is your health insurance. The Dutch healthcare system is one of the most effective in the world and residents as well as expats are required to take out health insurance by the law. If you are searching for something reliable, you might want to check the Allianz international health insurance plan. 


Apart from an impressive healthcare system, the Netherlands has an equally impressive educational system. If you are moving with children you should know that you can choose to enroll your child in an international school as well as in a public school. The local school is funded by the states, however you will be called to contribute for extracurricular activities such as; music dedicated teachers, school trips, pupil – based vegetable garden and other celebrations such as christmas etc. 

Handy Links

For more guidance and useful links about moving to the Netherlands, make sure to check out these websites. 

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