Your moving checklist for a stress-free move

As exciting as moving into a new home is, it is also tiring and stressful. One of the most difficult tasks of leaving your old home and familiar surrounding behind is packing for the move. The mental toll created by this whole move can significantly hinder on the efficiency of your packing strategy. Not packing everything strategically means that the unpacking process will be as tedious and stressful. This is why we have created this checklist to help you pack for a stress-free move!

Declutter: Get rid of all the items you do not need before you start packing

Moving is a great opportunity to purge your house of all the things you have been unnecessarily hoarding for far too long. That blue vase that you once find cute but never use. The sheer amount of clothes that you no longer wear. Get rid of it all! Donate, recycle or sell the items that you do not NEED before you even start packing. Once this task is off your checklist, you will have less things to pack, spend less money to move and have less clutter in your new home.

Book the moving company in advance.

One mistake that a lot of people make is not booking the moving company. First, booking professionals to help you with the move will reduce some of the stress that you are experiencing. Secondly, it is essential that you contact and book them well in advance, for fear of having to spend the last day before the move frantically looking for a moving company.

Get enough packing supplies.

Before you start packing, make sure that you have enough packing supplies for all of the items that you plan on taking to your new home. This involves items such as bubble wrap for fragile items, plastic wrap, cello tape, moving boxes, bags or even suitcases!

Label as you pack.

Now you can start packing. Pack according to the rooms that you will be moving in. For instance, have specific boxes for your bedrooms, living space, kitchen, office etc and fill them up with the necessary items. Make sure you label each box based on its contents and the specific room. This will help you unpack more easily or efficiently. For instance, one box can be labelled as ‘Plates, mugs and cutlery: kitchen”.

Prepare your new home in advance.

If you have access to your new home and it is not too far away, visit it a few days before the move to make sure it is clean and ready to welcome you. Check whether it is free from grout or cracks in the wall, it has a fresh coat of paint and it has already been cleaned. Do not forget to ensure that everything, (water, lights heating) is functioning properly.

Reserve a small bag / box for important stuff that you will need immediately.

While packing, make sure to reserve a small box or bag for items that you will need on the moving day. Pack in things such as toiletries, phone chargers, a change of clothes, toothbrush, valuables, important documents, and the likes in this box. It should be easily accessible so that all your necessities are on-hand.

The best tip that we have for you is start well in advance and proceed slowly. Take things one step at a time so that you are not overwhelmed during the few days before the move.

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