5 Amazing Things to Do in Mauritius as a Local

Thinking about a getaway? Then think about exploring Mauritius. Located approximately 2400km off the South-East coast of Africa, just beyond Madagascar, the island is renowned for its sandy beaches and pristine water. But did you know that this secluded paradise has more to offer than just breath-taking beaches?  

  • Port Louis

Let’s start with the capital of the country. Port Louis is a thriving city full of culture, entertainment and restaurants. If you want to enjoy your trip as a local, trying out the street food is a must. For an authentic food tour, we suggest you take a look at @tastebuddiesmauritius. They also have different food tour packages in different parts of the island and of course don’t forget to have a stroll at @caudan. 

  • Waterfalls

You can’t come to Mauritius and not visit at least one waterfall.  Like stated previously, the island is more than sandy beaches and turquoise water. Mauritius has a number of stunning waterfalls; such as Rochester Falls, Tamarind Falls, Eau Bleue, Alexendra falls amongst others. If you want to explore Mauritius it really is, we suggest that you add taking a dip in the waterfalls in your to – do – list. 

  • Hiking

If you like to be surrounded by lush green forests and you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you should definitely go hiking in Mauritius. The island has amazing mountains with different levels of difficulty, yet they all offer breath-taking views. 

  • Snorkelling

You’ve explored the land and now why not dive in and discover the magnificent marine life?  Mauritius has one of the best snorkelling spots in the Indian Ocean and if swimming with the dolphins has been your dream, then you’re at the right place. You might want to check @sunsetdivingmauritius to book your snorkelling session. 

  • Local Bazar

The local market is worth a visit. If you are looking for something to bring back in your suitcase to remind you of the island, the ‘bazaar’ is your best bet. You will not only find amazing products but you will also get to try fresh local fruits at a cheaper price. 

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