5 Important Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Russia

For many Russia seems to be a very hostile country. However, this is purely a misconception. According to a survey, the level of ‘’la joie de vivre’’ is higher in Russia than in other European countries such as Portugal or Greece. Moreover, it is a very friendly country for expats! Let’s have a look at what you must know before moving there.

Documentation, visa, and registration!

The most important thing is Russia is your papers! You must carry your passport, visa, and migration card always when you are out in Russia. This is because a police officer can ask you to present these at random!

It should be noted that getting a Russian visa can be a complicated process since the country is strict and restrictive when it comes to handing out visas. Moreover, ensure that you are registered using your migration card.

It is affordable to live in Russia

In comparison to the US or to Western Europe, the cost of living is quite low. Even if it has the reputation of being costly for residents, relatively, expats can afford living a pretty good life in Russia. Most expats have settled down comfortably in a decent apartment and they are able to go out and even make savings.

Perfect to work for expats!

Russia’s economy is growing at a very rapid rate and various international companies are setting up bases there. Moreover, the government has made it easier for expats to come work and live in the country. The work-life balance is so favourable there that many expats are looking for jobs in Russia instead of other Western countries. Part of the appeal is that Russians are incredibly friendly and pleasant to work with and that you get more vacation time!

Learn how to speak Russian!

Language barrier might be one of the most challenging aspects of living in Russia. While as a tourist, you might navigate your way during the stay of your trip without learning/speaking Russian, things will be different if you live there. There is very little English spoken in the city centre and in small areas, it is practically non-existent, which makes tasks such as buying groceries, paying bills or banking very difficult. Thus, learning how to communicate in Russian is a must; it will make your life a lot easier.

It is easy to travel in Russia and in neighbouring countries

If you are scared about the newness of another country or have difficulty settling down somewhere new, you will love the fact that you can easily get accustomed to the surroundings and infrastructure in Russia. It is very simple and affordable to commute and move around in the country with its metro system being like others around the globe. In fact, Russia’s transportation system is more well-developed than that of the US.

Moreover, because of its strategic location, between Europe and Asia, it is a great base of you want to travel. With Moscow being one of the most connected cities in the world, you can get direct flights to almost everywhere!

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