6 Reasons Why Kazakhstan Should Make It to Your 2022 Bucket-List.

If you want a travel experience like no other, visit Kazakhstan! This country is so rich in culture, architecture, heritage, natural landscape, sumptuous cuisine, and other aspects that it is bound to leave a mark on you. Eclectic and vibrant, Kazakhstan holds the capacity of making everyone happy.

Affordable with A Visa-Free Regime

First things first, sometimes before even visiting a country you get tired of all the paperwork involved to get a visa. This is not an issue if you plan to visit Kazakhstan since it has visa-free regime for 48 countries! Moreover, many nationalities can get an e-visa very easily.

Besides, it is perfect if you do not have a big budget, but you still want a memorable experience. Most of its commodities, whether it is accommodation, travelling or food, are very affordable. As such, it is perfect for budget travellers.

A Private Sanctuary Untouched by Humans

If you do not like crowded touristic places where others are constantly in your way, Kazakhstan is the place for you. It is a huge country with not many tourists and captivating natural landscapes. So, you will be able to enjoy privacy and solitude in an ethereal setting, like in a dream. Enjoy its magnificent lakes, the Grand Canyon of Central Asia, its singing dunes, and other landscapes which are untouched by humans.

Perfect for Adventurous Travellers

Those more into thrills and adventures will also have their fill of escapades. You can ski in the city thanks to the Shumbulak Ski Resort, go on hikes or on road trips, climb mountains and enjoy so many other activities. Since it is very easy to travel across the country, you can have a go at the nomadic lifestyle. Let’s not forget its vibrant nightlife for those who like to party!

Food Fit for A King!

Kazakhstan promises food like no other! You can enjoy robust and hearty meals that are delicious. Skewers of grilled lamb, platter of pilau rice, huge breads, stalls with spices, nuts, several types of meats and fish…. (Dare to try horsemeat!) The local food is exquisite as well as affordable. However, you can also get a variety of international cuisines in the restaurants if you get tired of local food.

Endless  Shopping

Of course, no trip is complete without some shopping! Shopaholics will LOVE Almaty and Astana. Those cities are full of malls and entertainment centres, and they will tire out even the most enthusiasts.  You can get both international brands and markets of traditional items full of treasures. If you ever need a break while shopping, you can rest in the food courts, cinema, minigolf course, parks and even an indoor beach resort!


A little bonus of visiting Kazakhstan is the incredible city of Turkistan. This is a well preserved 1600-year-old city where you can enjoy ancient mausoleums, archaeological sites, ruins, and other natural beauties that will transport you back in time.

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