A Local Guide to Melbourne

Did you know that Melbourne was almost called Batmania around 1835 when John Batman claimed to have discovered the city?

Being Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne is a must in your itinerary when you’re in Australia. Marvelous Melbourne is recognised for its active lifestyle, sumptuous coffee, iconic landmark, hip rooftop bars and friendly locals. To experience Melbourne fully, here is a local guide of how to make the most out of your Australian’s trip. (You can also refer to this guide to get up during your first week in Melbourne if you are an expat).

Where to eat in Melbourne

Melbourne is without any doubts a foodie paradise. The city is home to different cultures around the world; as such, Melbourne is a huge melting pot of flavours. While the city is renowned for being the capital of amazing rooftop bars and breathtaking smelling coffee, you can find any flavour your palate is craving for here.

If you step outside the Central Business District (CBD) you’re sure to find little flavour niches tucked right across the neighbourhood. If you are looking for Italian food, make sure to head to Carlton and for Vietnamese food, you need to try Richmond.

You can’t visit Melbourne and not go to a rooftop bar. In CDB, you will get a large selection of bars and elegant restaurants. You would not only enjoy a delicious drink, but also a mindblowing view of the city. If you want the perfect 360 degree view, make sure to visit the Imperial Hotel. The hotel offers a wonderful view during the day and as much as it does at night.

Getting Around In Melbourne

While walking remains the best way to explore a city, Melbourne is a pretty expansive city. Luckily Melbourne is known to have the most reliable tram system outside Europe. Melbourne offers free tram services in the Central Business District. If you want to save, you will be pleased to know that the tram stops at every historical site; thus making your journey very budget friendly. The free tram zone operates. The Free Tram Zone operates from Queen Victoria Market to Docklands, Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, and Spring Street. Trams and buses are also common and run throughout the city and to outer suburbs. If you decide to go outside the Free Tram Zone, you’ll need to get a myki card or you can also download the mobile app. For a more eco-friendly way of getting around, check out Melbourne’s 135 kilometers of cycling trails. There are paths all around the city and outer suburbs that you can explore while cycling.  The city has a great bike-share program – all you need to do is download the app and find the nearest docking station

Street Art Lane

One thing the city is well known for is for its  famous street art.  Take the time to walk around and explore the laneways of graffiti and murals scattered all around the city. You should definitely check out Hosier Lane, one of the most Instagrammable places in the city, located just off Federation Square. This laneway is constantly changing with new artwork layered over the old, creating a uniquely colorful experience so if you are revisiting, you might want to check out for the new graffiti. You’ll find more Melbourne street art just a few streets over at AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place

Queen Victoria Market

Built on almost 7 hectares, the Victoria Market is by far one of the most iconic landmarks in Melbourne. Being the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere, The Victoria Market is home to over 600 small businesses.The Market is always packed with locals and tourists alike, while some are finding unique souvenirs to bring home, others are filling their baskets with fresh vegetables. In fact you can find pretty much everything at the Victoria Market and that’s what makes it wonderful and surely worth a visit. Not to forget, on Wednesdays, the market turns into a night market packed with a handful of entertainment such as live music, shows etc.

Federation Square

Situated right across the CBD across the street from Flinders Street Station, you’ll spot Federation Square. This huge park spans over 7 acres which makes it the perfect place to take a break and just chill out like the French people.

The Fitzroy Garden

Located right  outside the CBD, you’ll find the Fitzroy Garden.  The scenic gardens were introduced in 184 which makes it one of Melbourne’s most beautiful historical landmarks. Today, the gardens boast numerous walking paths, greenhouses, cottages, as well as flowers and the best part is that it is free and is open 24/7, so if you want a memorable night walk, Fitzroy Garden is the place to be.

National Gallery of Victoria

Home to over 75,000 pieces, the National Gallery of Victoria is one of the world’s greatest artwork museums.  The National Gallery of Victoria offers two beautiful galleries located just a short walk apart. Entry to both of the galleries permanent collection is free. The art museum showcases modern art, sculptures, paintings, as well as indigenous pieces. The museum art is situated on the edge of Federation Square, making it the perfect addition to any Melbourne itinerary.

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