Cruises are becoming the preferred holiday trend


Since people have been under lockdown for quite a long time, they are excited to be able to just be away from home when things get under control. That is why it is expected that the tourism sector might start recovering. A trend that is becoming increasingly popular among holiday-goers is cruising.

Cruises are now more accessible than before. Thus, a lot of people are planning to select this option so that they can visit numerous destinations in a short amount of time without having to worry about planning all the little details. That is why it is becoming the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry.

How did the cruise industry grow?

In 1900, the first cruise ship, Prinzessin Victoria Luise, was revealed. Back in the days, it was a travelling method that allowed the very rich and wealthy to travel from one destination to another. Then, in 1950, commercial airlines were developed and they became the preferred way to travel long distances. So, cruise ships started being used in the tourism sector for the sake of cruising.

Then, with time, developments in the technological sector resulted in prices being considerably dropped. This meant that cruising became accessible to a broader range of demographics. Following demands, they were focussed on more destinations than the traditional locations of the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

Cruising in itself changed with time. We started witnessing the emergence of themed-cruises. For instance, travellers could enjoy Disney-cruises, trips reserved for the elderly; for single people, river-cruises or floating cities. These modern ships feature everything that land-based resorts offer. There are facilities such as restaurants, shopping centres, spas, pools and others. Thus, cruising became an appealing experience for travellers.

Why will travellers opt for cruise tourism in these coming years?

What are the factors driving the growth of cruise tourism? Why will people opt for this form of holiday travel?

  • A strong economic recovery is expected. This is significant with an increase in consumer spending and a gradual growth in the desire for a luxurious lifestyle which includes leisure travel expenses. This is even more so the case since we have been locked for such a long time.
  • An increase in cruise ship capacity. A research conducted has revealed that ocean cruise ship capacity will grow by 48% by 2027. Vessels will be able to hold 39.6 million passengers.
  • Cruise companies will focus on new destinations and regions.
  • Travellers across all age groups are becoming interested in cruising.
  • Repositioning cruises are becoming more popular. This involves moving a ship from one sailing destination to another, which implies that travellers will be able to explore more destinations.

As such, it is expected that in the coming years, the cruise industry will witness more interest in travellers looking for a ‘once in a lifetime experience’, such as visiting the glaciers or the wildlife in Alaska. They are no longer interested in traditional tropical island cruises. There is a growing interest in thematic cruises as well.

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