Explore the uniqueness of Japan

Japan is a unique country with unusual but beautiful quirks, but beneficial? Efficient? Useful? Absolutely yes! The country’s culture, infrastructure and the general quality of life has been set up to provide its inhabitants and visitors with maximum comfort. Even if it is just to experience their different way of life, a visit is a must! 

Let’s look at some of the things that make Japan an advanced and unique country. 

Their focus on the environment

Their focus on nature and the environment is unparalleled. While other countries across the globe have been cutting down trees for construction purposes, in Japan, they relocated a tree to make way for a road. Another example? Train tracks in Japan have special pathways for turtles to ensure that the animals are not harmed by trains.

On another note, maybe if we all follow Japan’s lead, we can find a solution for global warming. 

An efficient public transport system 

While most often we would hear complaints about the public transport system in various countries, anyone who went to Japan will have nothing but praises. Their public transport system is smooth and efficient and driven by punctuality. The average rate of delay is only 0.18 seconds. 

Additional bonus: On some trains, you can enjoy footbaths to relax while commuting and kids can play video games. For scenic routes, the seats face the window for you to admire the scenery. 

They might be the politest people ever 

Something legendary about Japanese people is how polite they are. You will be struck by their kindness and generosity, which is even noticeable in their customer service, with employees always making you feel at ease. For instance, a Tokyo train company once apologised for a 20-second early departure. 

The restrooms are clean

If using public toilets is one of your nightmares, in Japan, you will not experience any such issues. Their toilets are always kept clean. In some places, technology has been leveraged to offer maximum comfort. For instance, some toilets often have a button playing white noise or water sound so that you can have utmost privacy.

Free origamis!

In Japan, you get free origamis instead of candy! These are two-dimensional or three-dimensional subjects that are created by folding paper, and they are an intrinsic part of Japanese culture. You can get these in airports, while purchasing something online or even in restaurants as presents and in various other places as well.


You might have read about geisha in books or seen them in movies and think they existed only long ago. However, they can be found in several cities across the country. These professional female entertainers provide their services to anyone who can afford them. They provide conversation, dance performances and games and can be found mostly in high-end restaurants and private parties. The former capital Kyoto is the most prestigious place for an experience with a geisha.

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