Moving to New Zealand: how much does everything cost?

Some of the biggest worries that we have when moving to another country is “How much will this cost? Can I afford it? What if I starve to death?!”. Today, we will help you out by covering some of costs involved when moving to New Zealand.


First of all, before even moving to the country, you will have some costs to bear. You guessed it right: Visa and other paperwork. This is going to vary based on the country that you are from and the visa that you are applying for. It can range from 0 to $245 for a working holiday visa or even reach $3310 if you are applying for Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa. Do not forget that you may have to incur medical examination fees or pay for language proficiency tests.


The first thing that must be noted when speaking about rent is that cities such as Auckland, Wellington or Queenstown can be 15-20% more expensive.

There are quite a few options that you can explore.

  • Renting a room in a shared house. This means that you will have a personal room in a house with others sharing the kitchen and other facilities. This is a great way to save some money.
  • Renting a small flat just for yourself, which in non-expensive areas might come to at least $350 monthly.
  • House sitting: no rent at all!


If you usually cook at home, which is the better option, then the approximate cost for one person might amount to the following monthly. Note that this will vary depending on your preferences.

Fruits and vegetables: $100
Dairy: $30
Meat: $100
Pantry stuff: $100


If you plan on exploring and discovering New Zealand, it is best to invest in a car. While you can get one for relatively cheap, ($1500), there are some other expenses involved. Transfer of ownership costs is very little: $9, Registration for a whole year is $109, inspection for the warrant of fitness might come to $50 and this must be done occasionally. Let’s not forget insurance, which would depend on your vehicle! Petrol costs up approximately $2.05.


Usually, landlords have a fixed price for Wi-Fi and power and this is included in the rent. If that is the case, you must know that your power bill will become really high in winter. As for Internet plans, they may cost between $50 to $130.

Now, for your cellphone bills, there are 3 main providers, SPARK, Vodafone and 2 Degrees, in the country. They all have pre-paid plans starting at $19. For monthly packs, you will have to disburse a minimum of $30, depending on your supplier.

Miscellaneous- Health, activities etc

Do not forget to plan for miscellaneous costs. For instance, if you are on a working holiday or student visa, you will need medical insurance. Those who like going to the gym, have yoga or swim classes need some extra money. Gym memberships can vary from $25 to $100. However, you can choose to go for a run every day if you are trying to save some money. Of course, there will be other entertaining activities, but all of this depends on your lifestyle.

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