Relocating to Italy: How to Choose the Right Location?

Italy seems like a dream. Packed with history, rich heritage, spectacular scenery, ancient ruins, delicious cuisines. The country it is perfect for those looking for ‘la dolce vita’- the sweet life. Indeed, if you are tired with the fast-paced modern life where you are constantly working and barely having time to breathe, relocating to Italy would be ideal for you. With the prevailing lifestyle being more relaxed and healthier, you have more time for yourself and your loved ones and to also make the most of the simple joys of life.

Italy: More Than a Tourist Attraction

Very often when tourists visit the country, they fall in awe with it and decide to relocate there. However, Italy has much more to offer than touristic scenes. That is why you should look beyond the regions tourists usually go to if you are thinking about relocating. They usually visit Venice, the Tuscan capital of Florence in the center of the country where the Renaissance age was born or The Roman Ruins of Rome a little further south in the region of Lazio. However, as an expat, there are more opportunities to explore.

Why Are You moving?

First of all, the perfect location depends on the reason behind your move. Rome and Milan have the highest concentration of employment opportunities for expats. The latter is more focused on the financial, sartorial and manufacturing sectors. A lot of foreign skilled workers and researchers find their home in Rome. However, those looking for a quieter alternative find themselves most attracted to the rolling hills of Tuscany. In fact, it is very popular among British expats. Moreover, if you do not need access to an office, such as you work remotely or you are retired, you can opt for one of the spectacular seaside apartments.

What Are the Other Factors to Consider?

Let’s not forget that relocation is not just about the spectacular views. You are transposing your whole life to another side of the and there are other factors that are important when deciding where to live. One of them is living spaces. Are you moving to Italy on your own or with just your partner? If that is the case, you can find small to medium-sized apartments with rooftop terraces and panoramic views in the vibrant city centres. Otherwise, single-family homes with a garden can be found only outside the main urban areas. These are perfect if you are relocating with your family. The proximity to international schools or recreational complexes is also very important for some.

Weather variables

It might be surprising, but the weather is not constant all over Italy and all throughout the year. The country is split into three regions:

  • The Alps- with long and cold winters
  • The peninsula- with a Mediterranean climate all year round
  • Central Italy, where you will get rain, hail and sun!

While it may seem insignificant to some, the weather is an important factor. If you cannot bear the cold, you will definitely avoid the Alps.

Even if you have to take a little time to choose the perfect location for you, this will help you have the best time in Italy!

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