Thailand: The Most Insta – Friendly Spots

To keep up with an eventful social life on the social platforms, finding beautiful spots is a must and specially if you are on vacation. If you are visiting Thailand, you are going to be delighted. The country is full of places that are picture perfect. They are definitely going to brighten up your Instagram and help you create eye-catching content!

Big Buddha – Phuket

This is one of the top attractions is Phuket. In fact, it is one of the most revered landmarks in Thailand. The 45 meters tall statue of Gautama Buddha can be seen from far away. It is located on on Nakkerd Hills, so besides pictures with the statue, you can capture stunning views of the island! Visit at sunrise or sunset to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and you would not want to miss the natural lighting at dusk and dawn.

Erawan Waterfalls

Located in Erawan National Park, the Erawan waterfalls can be visited at any time from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm. However, we recommend you take the day off to enjoy the magnificence of the beauty of the seven-tiered waterfall. You can take the time to discover all the tiers, take pictures, swim in the crystal-clear water and just relax.

Phi Phi Island Viewpoint

Phi Phi islands is an ideal destination for budding Instagrammers and one of the top spots is the viewpoint on Koh Phi Phi. It is one of the highest points, which ensures that you get a panoramic view of the tropical island. After clicking some astounding pictures, you can relax with some cold beverages and food.

Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

They say a trip to Thailand is wasted if you do not have a picture with an elephant! One of the top reasons people visit the country is to interact with the animals. Let’s not forget that pictures with these giants see a spike in engagement. Visit the Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai to feed, bathe, and have a good time understanding these beautiful creatures. If you want to avoid a crowd, book a mid-week tour and don’t forget your camera.

Sky Bar

After featuring in the movie, The Hangover Part II, the Sky bar has become one of the most famous rooftop bars in Thailand. Located 63 floors high, the Sky Bar offers an incredible view over the city. Besides the views, you can enjoy delicious food and drinks and have a good time with your friend till the early hours of the day!

Coffee and tea plantations

One of the main attractions of the Chiang Rai Province, Coffee and tea plantations make for scenic Instagrammable settings. Opened to public, you can surely visit the estate and make the most of of the location to get some eye – catchy pictures to fill up your social platforms.  For instance, you can visit The Choui Plantation, which features a tea house with panoramic views over the scenic plantation, a restaurant and tea tasting sessions. If you prefer coffee, you should not miss Doi Pha Mee which is perched atop a mountain.

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