The digital nomad lifestyle

The digital nomad lifestyle has heightened over the years making it more adaptable for young professionals who are seeking to relocate, work and explore various destinations. Various countries have already started to cater for visas that are convenient for such stays. Here’s 8 amazing cities that you could absolutely consider. 

Porto, Portugal

Porto is a stunning city and is amazing for digital nomads. Being highly budget – friendly, Porto attracts several tourists and professionals each year. The climate is favourable both in summer as well as in winter. With its central location, Porto is not too far from other incredible cities such as Lisbon, Algarve as well as Madrid. Porto is a perfect location to call your secondary home. 

Barcelona, Spain

Generally, Spain is an amazing country to relocate to, but Barcelona is a good choice for anyone who has the possibility to work remotely. Barcelona is beautiful and full of life. There’s many things to do and experience and the transport facilities are also amazing which leaves you the opportunity to travel to different cities during your free time. You might as well want to check our recent blogs on Spain.

Another great perk of living in Barcelona is its wide range of networking events. There’s an event everyday, which therefore may help you reach out to various affluent professionals. 

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is an elegant city that is highly digital – nomad friendly. There are various networking events and the city is set in a way that promotes co – working spaces. The internet is remarkably fast. 

Transportation in Bucharest is relatively cheap, making it easier for anyone to travel around and visit the rest of Romania. 

Tulum, Mexico

You must have heard of the pristine waters of Tulum and you must already know that nothing beats the warm and sunny climate of Tulum. Surrounded with mystical Mayan sites and beaches, Tulum is undoubtedly a great pick for digital nomads that are looking for a calm, affordable and tropical lifestyle. 

Ubud, Bali Island, Indonesia

Bali is by far one of the best places to relocate for digital nomads. It is beautiful and affordable. If you are looking for calm and quiet places, Ubud is the best place for you. This town is close to the airport and less than 30 minutes’ drive to the coast. In Ubud, expect yourself to feel more connected with nature, spirituality, and art. 

Something to not miss out, HUBUD is one of the top 10 coworking spaces around the globe. For one month you might have to pay a fee of $120 for unlimited access.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Known for its serene atmosphere and sumptuous temples, Chiang Mai is a gorgeous found city in southern Asia that is highly convenient for digital nomads. Chiang Mai is one of the best cities to relocate to since it is affordable, with fast Wi-Fi, amazing cuisine and friendly locals. 

Since Thailand is a beautiful country overall, it leaves a lot of destinations to visit during your work-cation. 

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

India is a beautiful country rich in various cultures. It is said that the country speaks over 100 languages. India has so much to offer when it comes to travel and explore. The country is vast and has different climates in various regions. 

Jaipur, the pink city, is renowned for its delightful Instagrammable spots, however it has also transformed into a great destination for digital nomads. Being all colourful and artistic, Jaipur has everything it takes to get your creative juice to flow. 

The cost of living in Jaipur is relatively low. You can get an entire meal in $1 and transport is also easily accessible. 

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