The Netherlands and Iceland are open to visitors!

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns that followed have dampened the travel plans of many of us. Indeed, countries across the world have closed their borders to visitors and there were many mandatory quarantines to abide to. If you are tired of this feeling of being stuck at home, then you will be pleased to know that things are starting to get back to normal! Indeed, several countries have already opened their borders to travellers. Two of them are The Netherlands and Iceland

The Netherlands- the land of windmills, tulips and cheese

The Netherlands is open to tourists and those coming from a ‘safe country’, as designated by the UN, do not have to go to the trouble of showing a negative test result or to self-quarantine upon arrival. However, if you are travelling by air, you do have to complete a health declaration form which is provided digitally upon check-in by many airlines. Even if there are social distancing rules in place and masks are mandatory in public transportations, most businesses are operating normally and you will also be able to enjoy cultural venues like theatres or cinemas.

Why should you visit The Netherlands?

From its agricultural areas, to its coastal provinces, flowering hills and quaint little towns, you have so much to discover in The Netherlands! You can just ride your bicycle everywhere for a fun local experience. Take a trip to the Dutch tulip fields and the Keukenhof which are world-famous. The latter showcases more than 800 varieties of tulips and for two months each year, it becomes the most-beautiful garden in the world. Watching this sea of colours is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let’s not forget the typical dutch snacks for when you are tired and need some energy. Taste the ‘kroket’, the ‘stroopwafels’, the traditional Dutch apple pie and many others delicacies to delight your taste buds!

Iceland- the land of natural beauty and mystical scenery

Official re-open to all travellers, Iceland requires everyone coming in to show a proof of vaccination or a previous Covid-19 infection. If you have not been vaccinated, there is an alternative solution: you have to present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours and to undergo a PCR test upon arrival. This will be followed by five days of quarantine and a second PCR test. However, once all of these procedures are done, you will be able to make the most of the country since there are no restrictions on gatherings and regulations with regards to social distancing and masks have been lifted!

Reasons to visit Iceland

The natural beauty and mystical scenery of Iceland are enough to make you fall in love with the country. Iceland is located just below the Arctic Circle, which means that you can enjoy 24-hour sunlight there. There is a midnight sun which will provide an ethereal experience, not to forget the awe-inspiring Northern lights. Take outdoor trips and have adventures to watch whales or soak into the geothermal lakes and fill up with food made with fresh ingredients.

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