Travelling after Covid-19: how will things be?

Travelling after Covid-19: how will things be?

Travelling; just being somewhere that is not home: we all miss that! Indeed with the coronavirus, lockdowns and restrictions on travelling, we have been stuck at home for a pretty long time. While the travel and tourist industry has suffered because of the pandemic, it is expected that things will change once we are free again. Indeed, as soon as restrictions are eased, people are going to travel again to get rid of this feeling of being locked up. However, things will not be the same. Let us look at the changes that will be brought about.

More safety measures

There is no escaping from it: whether you are travelling by plane or boat, you will notice more strict safety protocols. These are to protect both staff and clients. Regulations are going to vary according to different countries. However, here are some of the general measures that you can expect:

  • Negative results from Covid-19 tests will be required,
  • Temperature checks,
  • Mandatory face coverings in public places,
  • Social distancing,
  • More regular cleaning and sanitising taking place, and
  • Self-isolation or curfews when you arrive at your destination.

Conscious travelling: a new traveller

The severity Covid-19 pandemic has changed our whole mindset and this is going to translate to the way we travel to give rise to a new type of tourist: the conscious traveller. People are now more aware of the environment and less reckless in their spending. Thus, they are going to plan carefully to create more meaningful travel experience. They are going to choose trips that are worthwhile.

Moreover, tourists are going to double down on sustainability. You should not be surprised if they choose to work with firms that have responsible travel policies catering to the protection of the environment and the reduction of carbon footprint.

A love for nature and longer holidays

Remote working has become a reality for many of us and this is going to enable longer holidays. Travellers are going to spend more time abroad, just as an alternative to being at home. This idea is called ‘workations’, where visitors combine their work with their travel plans. Moreover, it is expected that they are going to make the most of this opportunity by choosing to visit multiple meaningful locations instead of just one resort. Nature breaks to reboot and revive are going to be increasingly popular. The idea of wellness tourism during which we can take enjoy breath-taking wide open spaces does seem to be a good idea!

Engaging with local communities

Creating human connections and having experience driven trips are going to be important for travellers. As such, they will prioritise engaging with local communities during their trips. The benefit of this is two-fold. First, they will be able to discover new cultures, cuisines, values and traditions to have a more exotic and inclusive experience. Secondly, they are going to contribute more, economically, to local communities. With the coronavirus, small struggling business will definitely benefit from more people spending on local enterprises. Thus, there is the feeling of ‘giving something back’, even during a vacation trip.

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