What do you need to know before moving to New Zealand?

Many would describe New Zealand as an ethereal place between national parks, incredible beaches, lush green settings, intimidating volcanoes and huge glaciated mountains. New Zealand is a country that will definitely captivate your heart.

Moving to New Zealand has been on your mind for some time? Here’s all you need to know while planning your move.

Where are you going to live?

The cities and towns in New Zealand, as well as their inhabitants, are very diverse. While you will feel welcomed wherever you go, it is important to look for a place that fits your lifestyle, passion and needs. For instance, if you like to hike, then Rotorua is a great place. An important thing to do before moving here is to request a character reference letter from your landlord to show that you were a good tenant. This, along with a credit report statement, will increase your possibilities of getting the house of your dreams.

What about work?

It might be difficult to apply for jobs if you still have not moved to New Zealand since employers might not take your application seriously. However, you can avoid some of the hassles by doing some research beforehand. For instance, you will learn that the jobs in the country depend on the season and that it might be a lot easier to find work at certain times of the year. A little tip: do not forget to ask for an employee reference letter from your current job.

What is the cost of living?

This might surprise you but New Zealand can be an expensive country. Two of your main expenses are going to be housing and groceries. To avoid a nasty blow when you reach there, research a bit about the cost of living. This will help you know how much you will disburse every month, thus how much you need to earn. Moreover, you will also have an idea about the amount of money you need to save before moving.

The documents you will need?

New Zealand customs can be pretty strict. As such, you must make sure that your paperwork is in order before moving. Having all your documents will make it easier for you to get in the country. First, already decide on the date when you want to get in the country. Then equip yourself with the required paperwork.

When to book your flight?

When you receive your visa, you will see a date saying when you can officially get in the country. However, there is no need to enter on that specific day. There are certain days on which the flights are cheaper, so being flexible on the date that you want to fly will allow you to save some money.

What about driving?

Do you need a car? If you live in urban areas like Aukland or Wellington, then you might not need one right-away. However, if you are moving into rural areas, then a car will definitely be an advantage. If you plan on buying one, then do so while you are in a larger city since it can be difficult to find vehicles for sale in smaller areas. Remember to drive on the left and to respect speed limits!

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