International Excess Baggage – Global Coverage

Why you should use the World Baggage Network?


WBN members provides excess and unaccompanied baggage services that reach thousands of worldwide destinations.

The World Baggage Network offers a competitively priced shipping solution for sending personal goods abroad. Our experienced staff work with travellers on a daily basis and can talk you through all the procedures concerning custom clearance, as well as the permitted goods you are allowed to send to your chosen country.

Global excess baggage services provided by our international network of local WBN offices include;

  • airport-to-airport
  • airport-to-door
  • door-to-door 
  • door-to-airport

Choose the service option that best suits you, or request a quote for international excess baggage and one of local offices can provide you with advice and costs on these services.

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Why we are the best choice

We understand that your possessions are special to you. We treat every client with the utmost care and attention.

We will take you through the process step by step and be with you every step of the way.

We can help you

If you are a Student, Expatriate, Business Traveller or needing your Sports Equipment overseas, we can help you.


Global Coverage

We have representatives in every continent and no destination is too difficult or too far.

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Special Offer for January 2016

100Kg Door to Door, France to Perth, Australia. Standard Rate €795, save €100

£495 | €695 | $734
Valid until
31 January 2016

What our customers are saying

I confirm the safe and efficient delivery this evening of my two suitcases. Thank you very much for an extremely speedy arrival. (Sent to WBN UK member 2015)

Thank you for your outstanding service. My suitcase made it safely to my door today. I will recommend you to all my travelling friends. (Sent to  WBN UK member. 2015)