Customs regulations for your trip to Zimbabwe

Last modified: July 24, 2023
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Customs regulations

Import regulations

Free import of goods, new or used, up to a total of USD 200.- per person including:

  • tobacco and tobacco articles (if in open packages and for personal use): no age or quantity restriction,
  • alcoholic beverages (only for persons over 18 years of age), limited to 5 liters, of which not more than 2 liters may be spirits.

The allowance, which is also available to day trippers, may not be claimed more than once in a one-month period.

Additional Information on regulations:

Agricultural products, seeds, bulbs, fresh meat, drugs: import license required.

Export regulations:

Free export of goods up to a value of ZWR 5000,- per person:

Crew members customs regulations:

Operating crew are permitted to import goods up to USD 20.-. Non-operating crew are permitted to import goods up to USD 200.- on their first trip.

Non Tariff Barriers

There are generally few barriers to trade. On occasion, the government has imposed bans on importing certain products (meat)

Import Procedures

The Government of Zimbabwe requires the following import documentation: a bill of entry plus relevant invoices, shipping documents such as a bill of lading, freight statements, and certificates of origin, especially for products entering from member states of SADC and the PTA.

Importing Samples

Importing samples and other temporary products requires the payment of a deposit, which is refundable on export, or applying for a temporary import privilege guaranteed by a bank or insurance company.

Dutiable Items

Airport Tax

  1. Airport Passenger Service Charge of USD 20.-is levied on passengers embarking on international flights.

Place of payment: Airport of departure.


  1. Children under 2 years of age;
  2. Crew traveling on duty;
  3. Transit passengers continuing their journey from same airport within 24 hours.
  4. Departure Tax is levied on passengers departing on domestic flights: USD 5.-.

Place of payment: Airport of departure.

Customs Duties and Taxes on Imports :17.24%

Prohibited Items

  • narcotic and amphetamine drugs
  • honey
  • indecent or obscene literature
  • toy firearms
  • flick
  • lockable blade knives
  • The import of certain endangered species of plant, live animals and their products is prohibited or restricted under CITES.

Miscellaneous (Pets, Motors, and others.)


Cats and dogs need a permit (issued by the Director of Veterinary Services, PO. Box 8012, Causeway, Harare), as well as a health certificate. Pets may enter as passenger’s checked baggage or as cargo but not in the cabin.

Zimbabwe requires proof of rabies vaccination, a Veterinary Certificate and Import Application for entry. Then the Veterinary Certificate is attached to the rabies certificate and submitted to the USDA for endorsement if you are transporting a dog or cat from the United States or Canada.

Also included at no additional cost are forms to import your dog or cat to Zimbabwe:

  • Veterinary Certificate
  • Import Application
  • Inoculation Record – keep your pet’s vaccinations in one place for easy customs clearance
  • Airline Health Certificate
  • Pet Passport Folder – (Free with First Class Mail Delivery Options above) Click Here to View

Your Zimbabwe pet passport is verified at the time of order.

If you will transport more than one pet to Zimbabwe, additional forms can be self printed from the Email Attachment option.

It is our objective to prepare the traveling pet owner for all entry requirements that may arise as a result of traveling by air, sea or land. Enforcement may not be consistent in every country or on every airline and having proper documentation will better insure that no problems will arise during your travels.

If you purchase our instructions and forms prior to 45 days before you travel, please check back with us to make sure there have been no changes in the rules or forms required to take your pet into Zimbabwe. All updated instructions and forms are provided by email free of charge.

There are no refunds on pet immigration forms unless there is a problem with the information or forms provided.

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