5 Reasons Why You Should Move to Brazil

Has Brazil been on your mind for quite some time and you haven’t decided to take the plunge yet? You would be delighted to know that Brazil is a country that is packed with jobs for English speakers. Brazil is also a country which is full of mindblowing attributes. Let’s dive in and see why relocating to Brazil is an interesting idea.

Cultural Diversity

Brazil is not only renowned for its  diversity in terms of its wildlife but also for its culturally diverse nation. The result of centuries of migration and colonisation by numerous European nations, and mixing with indigenous peoples. The country  is truly a melting pot of different cultures and this makes it a fascinating place to live where people from many cultures around the world can live in harmony and also feel at home.

The Festivals

As a culturally rich country, Brazil has a number of traditions and folklore. With time, most of the Brazilian traditions turned into big festivals that bring thousands of tourists each year from all around the world.

  • Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro

The carnival takes place 40 days before Easter, usually during the month of February and sometimes March.While the carnival is one major festival in the country, it can be celebrated in two ways; firstly Blocos Carnival and secondly Samba Schools.

  • Carnaval in Salvador

While the Samba is the main music festival in Rio, the carnaval in Salvador is a bit different. Street parties are still the main way to celebrate Carnaval, but here the center of attraction is the Axé Music, with its famous singers and bands bringing their ‘trio elétrico’ to the streets. ‘Trio elétrico’ is a popular type of sound truck on top of which an electric band plays. Here, people don’t dress in costumes but rather in a t-shirt called the ‘’abadá’’

  • São João in Paraíba

Celebrated at Parque do Povo where everyone is welcomed, São João is also known as Festa Junina and is a big part of Brazilian culture. Every June Brazilians celebrate Saints John, Anthony, and Peter. It is also time to celebrate the harvest season.

  • Parintins

The Parintins Folklore Festival is a popular annual celebration held in the Amazonas. It is one of the most famous Brazilian festivals in the country. It is almost as big as Carnival and it is celebrated every year on the last weekend of June.

A Great Tourist Destination

With a coastline that is over 7,450 km long, Brazil is certainly a great destination for Tourists and this also means that there are loads of beaches to choose from – over 2000, in fact. Noteworthy beaches include Arpoador in Rio de Janeiro, Caraiva in Bahia and Praia da Fazenda in São Paulo State. On the other side of the country, Brazil borders a number of other South American countries, such as Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and many more.

Free Public Health

It is a bonus knowing that you can access free public health care in case of an emergency. All permanent residents are able to access this healthcare, although many expats choose to go private and receive a better standard of treatment.

The People

Brazil is renowned for its friendly population and many expats are heartened by the generosity and hospitality shown towards them by the natives. Brazil is a place where people will be genuinely interested in you and what you do, with a sincerity that many find lacking in other countries. You will find this warmth extended to the whole family, as Brazilians are highly  family-oriented.

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