8 things to do in Perth!

Perth… the perfect mix of nature and urban life. Yes, you read it right: the capital city of Australia is a place where nature and the hustle-bustle of city life coexist. Thanks to its sunny weather, it is a perfect destination, no matter the time of the year. No surprise it is considered to be the coolest place to visit. Let’s have a look at some of the best things to do in Perth.

Beaches and sunsets

The beaches in Perth are perfect for holidays. Lining the Indian Ocean, it allows you to enjoy 19 pristine beaches. The white sand, crystal-clear water, sunny weather, cool drinks, some friends or a good book… That’s all you need to spend the day! Moreover, since it is on the west coast, Perth offers the most sensational sunsets. Just visit in the afternoon and enjoy the view.

Fremantle markets

The locals will tell you this: Fremantle markets is a must during weekends. It is popular all over the country. With more than 150 stalls, it is perfect for some shopping. You can find handcrafted souvenir, clothing, local produce and several other items there. Hungry? Grab some fried chicken, banh mi, eggy brioche sambos and other delicacies.

Wine, wine and wine

Who does not enjoy some good wine? Just head to the Swan Valley, visit one of the many wineries and sample of award-winning wines while having a little chat with the makers. Perth Hill Wine Region will also make you happy with its locally owned boutique vineyards found in forested valleys.

Rottnest island

Just a ferry ride away from mainland, this is a nature reserve with pristine beaches. Several activities are on the menu: snorkelling, diving or surfing. However, what makes this place unique are the quokkas. These are marsupials that live on the island. Heavily protected, they are very friendly and cute creatures that love to mingle with visitors!

Art galleries

There are many art galleries in Perth that will just captivate you. For instance, The Art Gallery of Western Australia has more than 17,000 pieces of art ranging from indigenous and contemporary styles or the Aboriginal Art and Craft Gallery showcases art, crafts, music and even dance performances from Aboriginal culture.

Wildlife Park in Caversham

Whether you are an adult or a child, you will definitely enjoy the Wildlife Park in Caversham which features 200 species of fauna and over 2000 unique animals. There are unique species such as flying foxes, kookaburras, cassowaries and echidnas. Never heard of these? Just go discover them!

Perth’s Culture Centre

This is a hive for of music, arts, food, entertainment and festivals. It offers several activities that you can enjoy. Go to a concert, try some yummy food, learn about sustainable gardening or just enjoy the sunset.

Take some rest in King Park

If you just want some rest or some time to take in the beautiful views in Perth, head to King Park. It has cultivated gardens, untamed bushland, various walking trails and even green areas where you can easily have a picnic.

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