14 Wonderful Things to Do in Athens

Planning to visit the beautiful city of Athens in the near future ?

Great, because in this article, we have listed all the unmissable places to visit in the Greek capital and all the beautiful things you can do to enjoy the magical city of Athens fully.

Visit the Acropolis

The Acropolis in Athens is probably the most famous attraction in Greece attracting a large number of tourists each year. The magnificent Acropolis is breathtaking. The view from there is stunning because it is located in the center of the city, and that being said, you can literally have a whole 360 degrees view of Athens.

With its high popularity, it can get highly crowded, therefore if you want to visit the Acropolis at your leisure while taking wonderful pictures without a wall of tourists behind you, it is recommended that you get there at the opening time.

Visit the new Acropolis Museum

The Acropoli Museum is probably one of the most iconic museums in the world. Here you are going to admire everything that has been found in the archaeological site of the Acropolis such as the ancient artifacts from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece; a great way to relive history.

Visit Plaka

Plaka is undeniably one of the favorite areas of many in Athens. It is the oldest area of the city and is located northeast of the Acropolis, plus has a charming little town feeling.

There are nice and clean pedestrian cobblestone alleys full of lovely shops where you can find art galleries, jewelry, souvenirs, ceramics, clothes, bars, tavernas, and restaurants.

This is an area you cannot miss visiting.

Walk around Monastiraki Square

Monastiraki Square is a place you absolutely cannot miss visiting. It is absolutely a must-see when in Athens.

This square is the oldest square in the city, it has been renovated, but it has that feeling of an older time when ideas, religions and civilizations were all mixed together in ancient Greece.

The square is paved with a wonderful marble mosaic where thousands of people walk every year while exploring this wonderful city.

See the Temple of Olympian Zeus

This is a massive temple with unfortunately only sixteen columns left. It was a massive temple dedicated to the Olympian God Zeus. There is not much left, most parts of it have been used over the years for the construction of other sites around the city, but what is left is still worth a visit.

Walk around Anafiotika

Surely you are going to have a walk in the famous and historical neighborhood of Plaka, so you obviously will also explore Anafiotika, a little tiny part of it.

This area of Athens is right behind the Acropolis and is climbing up the hill. Walking in its street is gonna be like walking in a little old village, where white houses are covered with beautiful flowers and trees, along narrow alleys.

Visit the National Archeology Museum

A must-see museum when in Athens. It is full of statues and artifacts to discover how the Greeks were living. So much history to learn from this magnificent place.

Visit the Benaki Museum

The Benaki Museum in Athens is a Greek culture museum, and it is located in a beautiful neoclassical-style building. It was donated to the nation by Benaki and his family.

There you are going to admire artifacts from prehistory to the 20th century.

Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

If you love nature, you should visit this place, located near the sea, where you are gonna admire beautiful gardens, enjoy a coffee in one of the cafes and of course visit the Greek National Opera and the National Library of Greece.

Have a walk-in Psyri street

If you are into street art, you cannot miss a visit to this artistic bohemian neighborhood in Athens. It is also one of the oldest neighborhoods of Athens where you are gonna find many cafes and artisan shops (best souvenirs spots).

It is also a trendy area for its vibrant nightlife, with all its bars, restaurants it is absolutely a must-see when in Athens.

Visit the Ancient Agora

This is probably the best example of ancient Greek Agora in Athens (literally means “gathering place”) and it is located inside the Acropolis, right down the hill, in the northwest area.

Walking around it, during a quiet morning will undoubtedly make you feel like thousands of years ago.

Visit the Panathenaic Stadium

One of the most visited attractions in Athens is the Panathenaic Station, the only stadium made entirely of marble.

This stadium hosted in 1896 the first modern Olympics, and you can still go running inside of it every morning from 7.30 am to 9.00 am (don’t forget your running shoes).

Visit the National Museum of Contemporary Art

This is an unmissable museum if you love contemporary art. You are going to see paintings, videos, and experimental architecture made by Greeks and international artists.

Opening Times: from Friday to Wednesday from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm, Thursday from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Museum of Cycladic Art

If you want to know more about the Cycladic, Cyprus and the ancient Greek in general, this is your museum.

Here you are gonna see Bronze age statues, an incredible art collection of vases, weapons and much more of the ancient Greek.

Athens has so much to offer given that Greece is a country packed with extremely rich history known throughout the world. Do you need to ship your luggage while you get the luxury to travel light ? Connect with us and let us help you !

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